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The Brid-OVR (TM) halter opens in 3 places so that you remain in control while bridling your horse!  Simply bridle your horse over the top of the halter, then easily remove the halter when you are done tacking up.

You will not believe that you ever survived without one! 


And, you will not find another halter of this quality and with these features anywhere!

The Brid-OVR (TM) halter can be opened in 3 places:


1.  The crown piece has a polished and finished buckle


2.  The throat latch has a solid brass (or stainless steel) spring-loaded clip


3.  The chin strap has a solid brass (or stainless steel) spring-loaded clip 


Instructions For Use


To Bridle:


1.  Place the Brid-OVR (TM) on your horse, then cross-tie or attach lead.  Place your bridle OVER the halter.  Unbuckle the crown piece, and unsnap the throat latch and chin strap.


2.  Pass then halter on the left side of the horse's face from back-to-front UNDER the cheek piece.  On the right side, pass the halter from front-to-back under the cheek piece and it is OFF!


To Unbridle:


1.  Buckle the crown piece and place over the ears, on top of the bridle.  Snap the throat latch and cross-tie or attach lead.


2.  Unbridle normally.  As you drop the bridle down the horse's face, pass the crown and browband UNDER the halter's nosepiece.  Snap the chin strap of the halter and you are DONE! 






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