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About Brid-OVR (TM)

The Brid-OVR (TM) is an original, uniquely designed, nose-opening, all leather show halter which allows you to bridle over the halter and then remove the halter from beneath the bridle, thus you never lose control of your horse.  When you are finished riding, simply place the open halter over the bridle, cross tie your horse and remove the bridle from beneath the halter.


You will not believe that you ever survived without one! 


The Brid-OVR (TM) is constructed of one-inch wide leather, single thickness on the noseband and crown piece for ease of manipulation and safety.  The remaining leather is triple thick, triple stitched and hand rubbed with a rolled throat latch and solid brass fittings.  There is a discreet extra clip strategically placed to allow complete removal of the halter from beneath ANY bridle.  This halter WILL NOT slide down the horse's neck like a European buckle-nose halter when it is in the open position. 


The Brid-OVR (TM) performs superbly and can be used when tacking up anywhere, including at your trailer or van when cross ties or an extra hand are not available.  Use it in your lesson barn or for harnessing one or more horses! Also great for teaching young horses or new riders to bridle.


Grooming and clipping are a breeze as the throat latch area can be totally exposed, unlike standard grooming halters.  


Finally, Brid-OVR (TM) is PERMITTED in Pony Club as it is constructed solely of leather.



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